Monday, January 9, 2012

DRAFT 2012 PSD Work Plan

Comments Requested

Below, you will find the current DRAFT sections of the PSD Work Plan. These documents are open primarily for comment by PSD Staff, but comments from partners are also welcome. Comments to the plan are due by January 25, 2012.

To provide comments, you can either use the comment feature (see comments "how to") on the document by highlighting the section of text you wish to edit or provide additional comments on, right-clicking and selecting "comment" and providing your input in the pop-up box provided or by emailing your comments directly to each PSD Work Plan Section Lead identified below. Comments will be assimilated by the Section Leads and a final of the Work Plan will be completed and posted by February 1, 2012

DRAFT PSD Work Plan - Tobacco
PSD POC: Celeste Schoenthaler

DRAFT PSD Work Plan - Obesity
PSD POC: Jason Vahling

DRAFT PSD Work Plan - Mental Health
PSD POC: Shannon Breitzman

DRAFT PSD Work Plan - Promote Health Equity and Environmental Justice
PSD POC: Lorena Zimmer

DRAFT PSD Work Plan - Align Employee Roles and Accountability with Department Priorities
PSD POC: Chris Lindley and Karen Trierweiler

DRAFT PSD Work Plan - Attract, Retain and Recognize Talented and Diverse Employees
PSD POC: Chris Lindley , Mike Nugent, and Karen Trierweiler

DRAFT PSD Work Plan - Employ LEAN Methodologies to Improve Business Processes
PSD POC: Mike Nugent

DRAFT PSD Work Plan - Strengthen Internal and External Communication
PSD POC: Brandon Williams

DRAFT PSD Work Plan - Oral Health
PSD POC: Katya Mauritson

DRAFT PSD Work Plan - Unintended Pregnancy
PSD POC: Esperanza Ybarra

DRAFT PSD Work Plan - Use Performance-Based Measures and Evaluation to Continuously Improve Effectiveness and Prioritize Resources
PSD POC: Kristin McDermott and Gabriel Kaplan

DRAFT PSD Work Plan - Injury Prevention
PSD POC: Lindsey Myers

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