Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bicycle and Pedestrian K-8 Lesson Plans $1,000 Mini Grant

Many schools in Colorado rely solely on physical education and extracurricular classes to teach children bicycle and pedestrian skills and lessons. The Colorado Department of Transportation's Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Program aims to expand on these activities by incorporating bicycle and pedestrian lessons in core K-8 classes (math, science, history, language arts, etc.) with the goal of getting kids thinking about the benefits of walking and bicycling throughout their entire learning. These lesson plans were created to align specifically with the State of Colorado's standards for education for core K-8 classes and have been reviewed by the Colorado Department of Education.

CDOT is offering $1,000 mini grants to schools to pilot the newly developed K-8 bicycle and pedestrian lesson plans. Examples of these lessons include walk/bike related math problems, lessons on the bicycle’s role in American history/cultural geography, science projects, health lessons (nutritional requirements for and calories burned when walking and biking), and environmental awareness of the ecological benefits of walking and biking. Each lesson is developed in a way that should require minimal teacher planning and preparation.

Eligibility & Mini Grant Requirements 

  • You must complete the survey monkey application by December 21st  at 5pm.
  • You must submit a letter of support from the school principal demonstrating the school’s commitment to using the lesson plans. Principal letter of support must be received by Marissa Robinson (contact info below) by December 21st at 5pm.
  • You must use the complete set of K-8 lesson plans. There are 27 lesson plans in total (approximately 3-4 lessons per grade). If your school is not a K-8 school, you must partner with an elementary and/or middle school so that each grade K-8 is represented. 
  • For each lesson plan, the teacher must fill out a simple evaluation form that will give us important feedback on how the lesson went in the classroom. 
  • Your school may use the $1,000 mini grant to further incentivize walking and biking to school safely. Examples include the purchase of bike racks, crossing guard materials, take home educational materials for both students and parents, and bike/ped safety related giveaways for students such as reflective zipper tags, shoe laces, whistles and helmets. Please note that there should be no monetary cost associated with using the individual lesson plans.
  • If selected, applicants will be required to enter into a contract with CDOT. Grant payments will be made as reimbursements for project expenses after expenses have been incurred and after all lesson plan evaluation forms have been received.
  • Applicants will be notified early January 2012 if selected and will receive a complete lesson plan tool kit. Mini Grant recipients are expected to begin using the lesson plans at that time. The deadline to submit the completed evaluation forms for all lessons is June 1st, 2012
Questions? Contact Marissa Robinson, SRTS Program Manager, CDOT, at (303) 757-9088 or at

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