Thursday, November 3, 2011

Job Announcement - Term-Limited Chronic Disease Coordinator-Colorectal Cancer

Th Chronic Disease Coordinator - Colorectal Cancer position will work primarily with colorectal cancer prevention and control which exists to reduce the morbidity and mortality of colorectal cancer in Colorado through prevention, early detection, public education and outreach, media, partnerships and affecting health system policy.

This position coordinates a public health program addressing colorectal cancer and preventive screening and prevention services, which also include, but are not limited to cardiovascular disease, breast and cervical cancer, obesity prevention and tobacco control. It also meets the requirements of the "Screening Services Coordinator" as listed in the Centers for Disease Control "Integrating Colorectal Cancer" grant award received for FY12.

Goals for this position include:

  • Design, plan, implement and guide evaluation of population and systems-based initiatives to reduce colorectal cancer and its risk factors, which may include contract and budget monitoring;
  • Partner with state and local organizations to enhance collaboration and eliminate redundancy of colorectal cancer control programming;
  • Identify opportunities to cross-promote with cancer and non-cancer initiatives that have similar risk factors and/or prevention activities; and
  • Provide current content expertise including knowledge of evidence-based, best practices, and promising practices in cancer screening prevention and control, patient navigation, and community health work.
The position announcement closes on November 12, 2011

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