Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Colorado Suicide Rates on the Rise

The number of suicide deaths in 2010 was the second highest in Colorado's history.

Research suggests current economic conditions contributing to high unemployment rates coupled with limited or no access to affordable and effective mental health care services contributed to the drastic increases in the number of suicide deaths. Given continued economic uncertainty and unemployment, an increasing older adult population and high suicide rates among veterans and active military personnel it is increasingly important to prioritize and continue the work of suicide prevention in Colorado.

The Office of Suicide Prevention at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is designated by the state Legislature as the entity charged with leading statewide suicide prevention and intervention efforts in Colorado. For more than a decade the office has partnered with other programs and initiatives to implement innovative strategies to prevent the burden of suicide. Over the past year some achievements include:

  • 2, 173 adults were trained to assist at-risk suicidal youth through Project Safety Net, the Office of Suicide Prevention's youth-at-risk suicide prevention initiative;
  • The Suicide Prevention Coalition of Colorado created a statewide suicide prevention and intervention resources directory;
  • The Men's Campaign, a statewide online resource and public awareness campaign to address the risk of suicide among men ages 35-54 and to reduce the stigma among men associated with seeking help (available spring 2012).
Find this information, additional achievements and ongoing key initiatives in the Office of Suicide Prevention Annual Report or contact Jarrod Hindman, Director Office Suicide Prevention, at 303-692-2539.

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