Wednesday, October 12, 2011

PSD Spotlight - Epidemiology, Planning and Evaluation Branch

At the most recent PSD Supervisor's Meeting, the Division's Epidemiology, Planning and Evaluation Branch (EPE) provided an overview of their role in PSD to support various programs and analysis efforts.

The EPE Branch within PSD is comprised of epidemiologists and evaluators originally drawn from the various programs in the Prevention Services Division.  EPE staff collaborate with PSD programs and other partners to conduct systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of population-based and program-specific health and related data in order to assess the distribution and determinants of the health status and needs of the population, for the purpose of planning and implementing effective interventions, promoting policy development, and evaluating the outcome of these activities. The Branch places emphasis on accurate, timely, and valuable information and services that meet the needs of its partners.

EPE consists of three units - The Colorado Central Cancer Registry, the Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit, and the Evaluation and Planning Unit. Read more about EPE in the presentation embedded below.

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