Wednesday, October 12, 2011

PSD - Fiscal Year 11-12 Budget Summary

During the last Prevention Services Division (PSD) Supervisors meeting, PSD's fiscal staff provided a presentation on PSD's Fiscal Year 11-12 Budget Summaries.  While you can read the entire presentation (embedded below or available for download), there are a couple of important points about the health of PSD's programs and the achievements and efficiency of PSD's fiscal staff worth noting up front, including:
  • For fiscal year 10-11, PSD totaled 48% of the entire Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's (CDPHE) expenditures.
  • In administering 48% of CDPHE's expenditures, PSD accomplished this task with only 15% of the total full-time equivalent staff of the Department, making PSD the leanest division in CDPHE.
  • If you include Nutrition Services, PSD passed 88% of the total funds administered directly on to citizens and partner organizations through grants/contracts for a total budgeted division funding amount of $210,792,191.
For questions regarding the presentation, contact Lena Peschanskaia at 

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