Thursday, October 27, 2011

Job Announcement: CDPHE PSD Fiscal Contract Coordinator/Monitor

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Prevention Services Division is hiring a Fiscal Contract Coordinator/Monitor.

Under direction and supervision, this position serves as a contracts coordinator and monitor for PSD initiatives.   This position exercises authority over the purchasing, contracting and contract monitoring functions to ensure that PSD staff and contractors are fulfilling requirements according to fiscal, procurement, and contractual requirements. Responsibilities include: interpreting needs, data, and contractual specifications; negotiating contractual agreements; reviewing and approving scopes of work and budgets, authoring and co-authoring vendor contractual documents, and correspondence for contractors; maintaining contract records and contractor evaluation/performance records for the Contract Management System (CMS); providing technical assistance and training for PSD staff, contractors and grantees regarding administrative issues related to contracts and contract monitoring; assists other program staff in developing training programs for contractors; review and approve monthly or quarterly progress reports, monitor scopes of work and budgets for grantees and contractors; monitor compliance of contractors and grantees with federal and state regulations; provide technical assistance and training for contractors and grantees regarding administrative issues related to the grants program; develop contract language for deliverables and program requirements; participate in developing reporting procedures; document and recommend action plan for non-compliance or poor performance.

The position announcement closes on Nov 3, 2011

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