Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CDPHE's Prevention Services Division Now on Twitter and Facebook

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Prevention Services Division has added two new options to connect with us and keep up with our work at the Division, our programs, news related to Colorado prevention issues, links to training opportunities, partner activities and... well, anything else we are interested in and feel you might be, too.

CDPHE PSD (@cdphepsd) on Twitter -

CDPHE PSD on Facebook -

Obviously, these path(s) are two-way - SO, fire us questions, give us a head's up on your activities or send along any news you think we should know about, too!

As we build the site(s), we are keen to help serve as a resource point to help you find other partner organizations, media and related social media feeds. We got a jump start already on this by collating and posting all the Colorado-based media feeds we could find and gathering them into one, comprehensive Twitter list. The list includes all the television, radio, newspapers, blogs and media personalities we could find and is posted online for you at!/cdphepsd/cdphe-psd-co-media. We will add more as we find them. You don't need a Twitter account to view it and, we hope, it will serve as a helpful resource as you try to monitor all the Colorado news happening right now.

We have also already started the research and will be adding additional lists to the site to include all local Colorado public health feeds, Colorado prevention-related organizations (including by subject areas such as "obesity", "oral health", etc), federal-level prevention-related feeds, national health news feeds, and more. There's a lot of work to do, but we are looking forward to it!!!

In any event, we are excited to bring along another couple of options to connect online! Ok, we'll stop with the exclamation marks now...

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