Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to Get your Emails Read! (And get stuff done)

During the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Prevention Services Division Supervisor's Meeting of September 6, Paige Backlund provided a presentation proposal for an "Email Communication and Accountability System" designed to help staff be more efficient by identifying emails for action (ACT); for your information (FYI); quick question (QQ), and end of message (EOM).  The acronyms are intended to be used in the subject lines of emails to help the email recipient track requests and manage their inboxes.

In addition to Paige's "How to Get your Emails Read! (And get stuff done)" presentation embedded below, Paige also provided a three-page "Email Communication & Accountability System" Handout that provides an overview of the proposed system, an acronym table, and a handy Cheat Sheet that can be taped to a monitor to keep you on track as you generate and receive emails!

If you have questions about the system, the presentation or the handouts, contact Paige via email at paige.backlund@state.co.us.

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