Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ORID Process - Reflective

Context:  At the 7/21 meeting, participants discussed emerging and ongoing major initiatives that involve our prevention, planning and partnership efforts with local health agencies.  To listen to an audio of that meeting go to http://goo.gl/f7wGZ.  To view other supporting documents for that meeting, we've posted them online at http://goo.gl/BzfGp

The purpose of this group collaboration post and comments is to get your thoughts on the following:

Reflective:  Gut.
1) What surprised you in what you heard today?
2) What did you find most exciting?
3) What gives you pause or causes you some concern?

How to provide your input:  To contribute your thoughts on our "Reflective" effort, just click on "comments" at the bottom right of this post.  Enter your name, division/office or program and then your responses to the 3 questions.


  1. I heard just enough to make me ask more questions and want to further understand what OPP does on an operational level to see where there are linkages with PSD programmatic work. I think there is so much desire and interest in collaborating, but we need to be thoughtful and prioritize our integrated efforts so as not to overwhelm.

  2. I was surprised that the communication wasn't there between OPP and PSD. But it looks like this is a great start.