Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ORID Process - Decisional

Context:  At the 7/21 meeting, participants discussed emerging and ongoing major initiatives that involve our prevention, planning and partnership efforts with local health agencies.  Let's pause now and reflect on how we can take this information forward to be more effective in this interface.  To listen to an audio of that meeting go to  To view other supporting documents for that meeting, we've posted them online at  The purpose of this group collaboration post and comments is to get your thoughts on the following:

Decisional:  Now What?
1) What are the next steps for us to capitalize on this conversation?
2) What have you heard the group say is the highest priority?
3) What do we have to do in the next month?
4) How will we know if we are making progress?

How to provide your input:  To contribute your thoughts on our "Decisional" effort, just click on "comments" at the bottom right of this post.  Enter your name, division/office or program and then your responses to the 4 questions.


  1. Different organizations have varying priorities to their operation.

  2. PSD needs to get together to figure out how best to serve LPHAs. These local are, through the OPP process, really developing a voice. We need to meet their needs for coordinated approach not business-as-usual where each program has a separate contract with a LPHA.
    Progress is when we are working on-going with OPP and providing feedback.

  3. Within the next month, establish a working group with representatives from OPP and PSD to look at current initiatives and identify linkages. Within the next quarter, identify/designate a liaison from each division to collaborate on an ongoing basis with the other division to continue to identify linkages and initiate collaboration around them. Evaluate by feedback from LPHA and PSD/OPP initially and investigate other output and outcome measures.

  4. Identify strategic, timely opportunities for collaboration between PSD and OPP. Use those as case examples moving forward.