Friday, August 19, 2011

Fear, Anger, Fruits, and Veggies: Interactive Effects of Emotion and Message Framing on Health Behavior

A key challenge is to mobilize the power of effective communication to influence individuals to adopt healthy behaviors, to guide our local community partners and stakeholder attention to important health issues, and to attract the best cross-sector partnerships.

To influence and impact positive health outcomes it is important to: identify who you should communicate with, understand how they see the world, create and frame messages that inspire and motivate, and deliver the message using methods and technologies that activate participation.

This study investigates whether the success of a framed health communication depends on the emotional state of the message recipient. It focuses on emotions of fear and anger and the premise of the research is that people may be especially motivated to adhere to behavior change recommendations if they receive a message that is consistent with their current emotional state.

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