Monday, August 8, 2011

Dr. Ronica Rooks, University of Colorado - Denver, is preparing for upcoming semesters and is interested in any potential health projects who might need a service learning student from her Social Determinants of Health course for 20 hours during the Fall 2011 semester.  Any program interested will be provided an opportunity to come and speak for 10-15 minutes to the class to present the topic and encourage student interest.

As an example, Dr. Rooks has provided an example project assignment from 2010.  Dr. Rooks indicates that past students have worked on projects from sexually transmitted infections community group (PBI) associated with Denver's Road Home (homelessness), Prevent Child Abuse Colorado, the UC-Denver Health Care Center, Ronald McDonald House at the Children's Hospital, Tri-county health, Denver Health and others.  Students would require a staff preceptor or site supervisor to monitor them for 20 hours during the semester (with at least 3 different sessions), who can report on their work at the end of the semester and sign off on a service-learning completion form.

Any project leader interested is encouraged to contact Dr. Rooks at

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