Monday, August 22, 2011

CORE Meeting Notes

As Chris Lindley, Director, Prevention Services Division, stated in one of his recent communications, for broader representation two staff members are joining the CORE meetings which are held each Monday afternoon. CORE is currently composed of Chris Lindley, Karen Trierweiler, Karen Deleeuw, Lena Peschanskaia and Gabriel Kaplan. Each month, two new individuals will be randomly selected to attend. If one of the individuals is unavailable for a given week, they will find someone to replace them for that meeting. One of these two individuals will take the meeting notes and the notes will be posted on our COPrevent site.

Thanks to Kris McCracken and Sara Wargo for being CORE representatives for August. We have posted notes from the first three meetings posted below. These will be posted each week going forward.

Core Meeting Minutes
Core Meeting 20110725
Core Meeting 20110801
Core Meeting 20110808

If you are interested in attending CORE in this capacity, please send Don Sutton an email. Two new people will be drawn out of the hat for September.

For any questions regarding the meeting or the notes, contact Donald Sutton at

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