Monday, August 15, 2011

Colorado Maternal and Child Health Priorities and Implementation Teams

MCH Priorities
Since the new MCH priorities were announced last September, the MCH team at CDPHE has been working to create an infrastructure and plan to turn these priorities into action.  With the new priorities reaching across multiple program areas within the Prevention Services Division (PSD), the coordination and support of priority-related programmatic efforts is no small feat.  An MCH Steering Team, MCH Implementation Teams (MIT), and priority implementation support plans have all been developed in the past year.  Read more about each infrastructure development below.

MCH Steering Team
The MCH Steering Team evolved from the former MCH Needs Assessment Steering Team and is responsible for providing leadership and ultimate accountability for the nine MCH priorities. Members of the MCH Steering Team include:

The Steering Team meets twice a month to discuss and address issues related to impacting the MCH priorities over the next five years.  In past meetings, the group has developed the MCH Implementation Team (MIT) structure, support system, and expected deliverables; reviewed the progress of each MIT; revisited the organizational structure of the MCH team and made necessary changes; and discussed the integration of various priorities within the PSD branches and units.

MCH Implementation Teams (MITs)
An MIT has been developed for each of the nine MCH priorities and has a team lead (or co-leads) who guides the work, and a team sponsor who oversees and supports the team lead.  In most cases, the team sponsor is the team lead’s supervisor.

The MCH Team has generated a 2011-2015 Colorado MCH Priorities with State and National Performance Measures spreadsheet that identifies the priorities, teams leads and team sponsors.

MITs are responsible for:
  • identifying, implementing and evaluating state and local level strategies while utilizing the public health process that will impact the MCH Priorities by 2015
  • employing evidence-based/promising practices grounded in sound public health theory or research;
  • evaluating strategies; 
  • enhancing collaboration among internal and external partners; 
  • progress towards outcomes for impacting state performance measures. 
  • engaging local stakeholders when identifying, developing and implementing local level strategies.  
More specifically, MITs are tasked with developing logic models and work plans that will be used to drive the work of state and community MCH-level activities through FY 2015.  This guidance will be shared at the MCH March 2012 meeting. MITs will also be providing an annual update on their work each year in February.  These updates will be shared on the MCH website. The following deliverables have been set forth by the MCH steering team for the MITs.
  • State Logic Model & Workplan (Due: December 31, 2011) - State work plans should cover a period of 3 years.
  • Local Logic Model & Strategy Specific Work Plans (Due: January 31, 2012) - MITs will use EPE templates for local logic model & work plan; length of work plans will depend on strategies selected. Local input is required to be solicited and integrated.
  • Priority Implementation Annual State Updates (Due: February 29, 2012) - MIT Annual Update (2 pages) will cover the following topics:  brief description of background data, concise statement of the issue, progress on activities to date, including challenges and successes, implementation team members, next steps, resources and relevant documents, if applicable.
  • Presentation at 2012 MCH Meeting (Due: March 2012) - Team Leads will present on each priority and strategy-specific work plans at the Spring MCH Meeting for LHAs.  A save-the-date will be distributed soon for the beginning of March.

MIT and Local Health Agency Support Plans
Two support plans have been developed by the MCH Steering Team and MCH Generalist Consultant, Rebecca Heck that outline the communication mechanisms, resources and tools, and training and learning opportunities that will be implemented to further the implementation of the MCH priorities.  One support plan focuses on MITs, and the other plan is designed for LHAs.  You can view the support plans for both MCH Implementation Teams and Local Health Agencies online.

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