Friday, July 29, 2011

Strategic Plan - Comments

Chris Lindley, Director, Prevention Services Division (PSD), is asking for input on the Department's Strategic Plan. The plan (linked here), is intended to:
  • Address Colorado’s primary public health and environmental issues.
  • Guide the work of divisions and employees to achieve strategic priorities.
  • Clearly identify CDPHE’s goals to the public and system partners.
  • Connect and align with local, state, and national initiatives and obligations.
  • Comply with Colorado’s legislative requirements to include goals, performance measures and evaluation (Smart Act).
  • Create a more efficient, effective, and customer-oriented department.
The comments received will be collected and posted for your review next Friday, August 5, so get your comments in by then!  For any questions regarding the form (below), contact Brandon Williams.


  1. Will these be aligned with the "winnables"?

  2. Yep - According to Chris Lindley, the Strategic Plan will be aligned with the "Winnables."