Friday, July 29, 2011

Planning and Partnerships - ORID Meeting Input

On July 21, representatives from the Office of Planning and Partnerships and the Prevention Services Division met to discuss opportunities to improve planning and collaboration around prevention-related programs.  The meeting was an introductory opportunity and representatives from each side shared their current work and priorities and discussed current approaches to their work, especially around planning and capacity assessment.

If you were unable to attend, an audio file of the meeting is posted online, if you were were unable to listen.  The meeting documents, including the meeting agenda and handout, Gabriel Kaplan's meeting host notes, and the meeting slides are embedded below:

We had hoped to use the ORID methodology to solicit feedback and identify some opportunities for action moving forward, but we ran out of time.  So we have decided to post the ORID framework here and try to work these issues out in real time but in this virtual space, instead of an actual meeting room.

To provide feedback, just click on the link below and add your input by adding a comment to the post.  This way, others will be able to see and benefit from your comments as they consider their own inputs. We will highlight and link to each of these steps in the framework one day at a time, so you can fill in your responses over a period of days. Click the links below for the discussion:
For any questions about this process, contact Gabriel Kaplan and "Thanks!" for your input!

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