Friday, July 29, 2011

ORID Process - Objective

Context:  At the 7/21 meeting, participants discussed emerging and ongoing major initiatives that involve our prevention, planning and partnership efforts with local health agencies.  Let's pause now and reflect on how we can take this information forward to be more effective in this interface.  To listen to an audio of that meeting go to  To view other supporting documents for that meeting, we've posted them online at  The purpose of this group collaboration post and comments is to get your thoughts on the following:

Objective:  What?
  1.  What did you hear about the ongoing interface with local health partners - in both PSD and in OPP?
  2.  What are some of the things going on in our organization right now?
  3.  What sticks in your mind from what you heard on Thursday?
How to provide your input:  To contribute your thoughts on our "Objective" effort, just click on "comments" at the bottom right of this post. Please bear in mind that there are no wrong answers to these questions. The idea is to simply provide the answer which comes to you and to draw from the collective wisdom of the group. If you see an answer already written which accords with your understanding of what you heard of felt, it is not necessary to repeat it here. Please review what everyone has written before you provide your own answer below.

Enter your name, division/office or program and then your responses to the 3 questions.


  1. Question 1: I learned that there a ton of activities within PSD that are already going on with local partners. This is also the first time that I heard that OPP wants to work with PSD on some of these existing activities, which is great!

    Question 2: Right now the MCH folks are working with local partners and have just finished their Prioritization Process, kudos to that center! I larned that the chronic disease branch applied for the Community Transformation Grants which requires a local focus and perspective, this seems like a new avenue for them which is great.

    Question 3: What sticks in my mind? Mostly, it was great to hear about everyones projects and I am so impressed with the work that is done in PSD. I hope that we can do a better job of getting information out to local agencies that could really benefit from the expertise in PSD.

    NOTE: I would like bi-monthly one hour updates to further our conversations on how we in PSD can work with the Office of Planning and Partnership.

  2. There was a lot of interest in knowing more about OPP’s current work and vision for the future. The fact that so many people showed up says a lot about the current and future needs for information sharing!

    Some individuals and PSD programs are already collaborating with OPP on specific initiatives. Other people mentioned interest in or [vague] opportunities for collaboration. We need to follow-up to take this to the next level and operationalize collaboration with concrete opportunities.

  3. This is Julie Graves, Program Evaluator in EPE/PSD replying...

    1. What did you hear about the ongoing interface with local health partners - in both PSD and in OPP?

    I heard essentially that there is an already very established network of local health agencies that CDPHE collaborates with, and that they've been involved in an ongoing public health planning process. Apparently OPP keeps a very updated list of contacts at the local level that we can request.

    2. What are some of the things going on in our organization right now?

    a planning process - beyond that I don't remember the details.

    3. What sticks in your mind from what you heard on Thursday?

    My overall impression was that there was a room FULL of recognition of and interest in the critical need to collaborate more with our local partners - lots of "want to", but not a lot of "here's exactly how we're going to do that".

  4. I thought it was interesting that the work OPP is doing is directed towards the public health improvement plan. I thought it would be more robust than that. With that said, how can PSD play a role in implementing the public health improvement plan?

  5. I was surprised that there was so little knowledge of programs between PSD and OPP. Even within PSD, there was lack of knowledge about various programs.

  6. Sara Rodriguez, PSD
    I wasn't at the meeting...but what's going on already: The WWC has an excellent reputation with local health departments and provides them funding for services. I think we need to capitalize on these good relationships. Perhaps learn some lessons from DCEED as well. They provide great support to LHDs and are able to ask LHDs for info, support with no $$ attached.