Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Colorado Tobacco Strategic Plan Webinar

We have posted the recorded slide presentation of the Colorado Tobacco Strategic Plan webinar, presented on Dec 21, 2011 online.  Comments are welcome on the presentation and Colorado Tobacco Strategic Plan.  The presentation slides are also posted online for view or download.  Comments should be emailed to COTobaccoPlan@gmail.com.

Watch live video from bwwilliams on www.justin.tv
Broadcast note: This webinar is a beta test of the ability to live broadcast presentations publically using freely available online broadcast tools (http://justin.tv/bwwilliams is our test channel). As a part of the free tool, when you start the stream, you may be provided with a 30 second full screen advertisement. During the broadcast, there may be other small, banner-type ads that run across the bottom of the screen. We don't endorse nor have control over the specific ads posted and, should this type of broadcast webinar prove successful, we will be evaluating pay options that will remove the ads. Thank you for your understanding and, if you are interested in this type of broadcasting for your organization, we would be happy to help discuss our research, options and 'how to' - just contact brandon.williams@state.co.us

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