Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Evidence-based public health training

The Northwest and Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Centers invite public health professionals from around the country to participate in a unique, online training series that covers core concepts, including: 

  • Defining public health issues
  • Conducting community assessments
  • Prioritizing options
  • Evaluating program and policy impacts

Two Learning Options 
Choose the one that best fits your learning style and/or schedule.

Blended Learning
A facilitator will lead guided discussions and activities related to the online content with the cohort of participants. These sessions provide an opportunity for participants to connect evidence-based decision making concepts to their daily work. 

Participants watch recorded lectures by topic experts and, in some cases, complete supplemental readings or do an activity.

The Blended Learning Series is limited to 20 participants who meet biweekly from June 21 to July 26. 

Contact Ashley Rankin for more information.

​Accredited DSME Providers and Program Staff: We Want to Hear from You!

The Colorado Departments of Health Care Policy and Financing and Public Health and Environment, and Telligen are hosting a series of three calls to elicit feedback about the newly opened Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) codes that are now reimbursable by Colorado Medicaid. We will use your feedback to coordinate and further develop resources you need.

Providers and Program Staff are strongly encouraged to join one of our 30 minute calls to discuss:

  • What are your successes and challenges with referrals and enrollment of DSME programs?
  • Do you have any feedback for how we can make the program and benefit better?
  • If you could name the most impactful benefit of DSME to your specific patient population, what would that be?
  • How can we help?

Join us on Thursday, June 23rd for a 30 minute call at 8:30 a.m., 12:00 p.m. or 4:30 p.m.
Learn more and register here.

For more information, contact Christine Fallabel at christine.fallabel@state.co.us.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Don't Fry Day - May 27th

Friday is Don't Fry Day

As skin cancer awareness month is coming to a close, we'd like to remind you that this Friday is Don't Fry Day

Skin Cancer, Sun Safety, and the Cancer Plan

The 2016-2020 Colorado Cancer Plan has a few strategies for skin cancer prevention and control. 

Skin Cancer Facts

  • Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. More than 3.5 million new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed and 2.2 million people are treated annually.
  • It is estimated that one American dies every hour from skin cancer.
  • Each year there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined incidence of cancers of the breast, prostate, lung, and colon.
  • One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime.
  • Melanoma is the second most common form of cancer for young adults 15-29 years old.
  • The incidence of many common cancers is falling, but the incidence of melanoma continues to rise significantly, at a rate faster than that of any of the seven most common cancers.
  • Whether from the sun or an artificial source, ultraviolet radiation is known to cause cancer. 

Sun Safety Action Steps

  • Don’t Burn
  • Avoid Sun Tanning and Tanning Beds
  • Cover Up
  • Seek Shade/Use Umbrellas
  • Generously Apply Sunscreen (SPF 30+)
  • Use Extra Caution Near Water, Snow and Sand
  • Check the UV Index
  • Get Vitamin D Safely 

Parks, Trails, and Health Workbook Now Available

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Park Service (NPS) have created a new tool: Parks, Trails, and Health Workbook: A Tool for Planners, Parks and Recreational Professionals, and Health Practitioners.

The Workbook is a quick guide for incorporating public health considerations in the development and improvement of a park or trail. It can help start collaborative discussions about the health benefits of parks and trails and prepare for a health impact assessment (HIA). 

You can find the workbook at: go.nps.gov/parkstrailshealth_workbook.

The tool includes information to help users find health data and learn about completed HIAs that included parks, trails, or greenways. It also includes case studies that pilot its use in Whatcom County, Washington, and a Mescalero Apache tribal area in New Mexico.

The workbook was jointly developed by the CDC Healthy Community Design Initiative (www.cdc.gov/healthyplaces) and the National Park Service Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program (www.nps.gov/rtca).

Please spread the word about this new tool. Well-designed parks and trails can promote physical activity, reduce stress, and provide environmental benefits.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Two Colorado Communities Awarded Invest Health Grants

The Reinvestment Fund and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has announced $3 million in awards across 50 mid-size cities in 31 states for Invest Health, "an initiative aimed at transforming how city leaders work together to help low-income communities thrive, with specific attention to community features that drive health such as access to safe and affordable housing, nutritious food, places to play and exercise, and quality jobs."

Applicants were required to form five-member teams including representatives from the public sector, community development, and an anchor institution, preferably academic or health-related. Selected teams also include members from public school districts, community organizations, and local philanthropies.

Colorado has two grantees: Westminster and Pueblo. Westminster will focus on transportation and the built environment. Pueblo will focus on food production and systems.

Colorado Baby and Me Tobacco Free program helps pregnant mothers and their partners quit smoking

The Colorado Baby and Me Tobacco Free Program, a smoking cessation program created for pregnant women and new moms, is offering incentives for new moms and their partners who stay away from tobacco after they deliver.

Baby and Me will offer diaper vouchers to support partners who quit smoking during the first year after delivery. Support partners must:
  • Be a daily smoker at least three months before their partner/family member became pregnant
  • Live with their pregnant woman when they enroll and for a year after delivery
  • Attend four prenatal sessions with the pregnant partner/family member
  • Agree to a CO breath test each month for up to 12 months after baby is born
  • Quit smoking and test tobacco-free by the first breath test after delivery
Baby and Me participants can earn 14 diaper vouchers - two during prenatal visits and as many as 12 after delivery. Baby and me participants also can earn $15 gas cards at select locations.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Colorado Heart Healthy Solutions Featured on Healthy People 2020's "Who's Leading?" Bulletin

Regular checkups that measure weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels can help people from heart disease.

According to data for 2014, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and stroke is the fifth leading cause of death.

Additionally, heart disease and stroke are among the most widespread and costly health problems facing the Nation today, accounting for more than $500 billion in health care expenditures and related expenses in 2010 alone.

Fortunately, they are also among the most preventable. Clinical preventive services to prevent cardiovascular disease alone could save tens of thousands of lives each year.

Between 2008 and 2014, the Colorado Heart Health Solutions Program served 40,000 individuals, many of whom were at risk for cardiovascular disease. 

As a result of the program, at-risk participants saw improvements in cardiovascular disease risk factors, including decreases in systolic and diastolic blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels. In addition, 21% of at-risk participants decreased their weekly fat intake, 22% increased their physical activity levels, and 17% of smokers quit smoking.

Check out Healthy People 2020 to read more about Colorado Heart Healthy Solutions.